Erythrocyte samsara

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Chapter 1

Genera! lntroduction (Adapted from)

Chapter 2

Differential interaction between DARC and SDF-1 on erythrocytes and their precursors Abstract

Chapter 3

Lu/BCAM expression on erythrocytes is clonally determined 

Chapter 4

Glycophorin-C sialylation regulates Lu/ BCAM adhesive capacity du ring erythrocyte ageing Abstract

Chapter 5

The Gardos effect drives erythrocyte seĀ­nescence and leads to Lu/BCAM and CD44 adhesion molecule activation  Abstract

Chapter 6

Hemolysis in the spleen drives erythrocyte turnover Abstract

Chapter 7

Residual pyruvate kinase activity in PKLR deficient erythroid precursors of a patient suffering from severe haemolytic anaemia Abstract 

Chapter 8

Summary and general discussion