Medical Needs and Sanquin Research Agenda


“The national science agenda stimulates cooperation, creativity and innovation”. And the national scientific agenda “offers players excellent opportunities to come together”. These sentences in the introduction to the national scientific agenda are the motivation behind Sanquin presenting you with its own scientific agenda for research into the Dutch national blood supply.

Sanquin Research Agenda at the National Science Agenda site (Dutch)

Our mission

"Together with the donor, we ensure a better life for patients".

Sanquin is a knowledge-driven not-for-profit organisation that supplies life-saving products, focussing on the needs of the care sector. Through scientific research, we look for and find new solutions for medical problems in the field of transfusion medicine, haematology and immunology. We are constantly aware of our responsibility to handle the donors’ gift carefully, responsibly and effectively, and to put the patients’ safety and welfare first.

Sanquin consists of the following divisions: Blood Bank, Diagnostic Services, Reagents, Research and Sanquinnovate. The core of Sanquin’s is the voluntary and unremunerated donor.

Medical needs




Sanquin’s products and services fall within five medical needs, and these medical needs also form the basis of our research programme. The five medical needs are:
• Anemia
• Bleeding and hemostasis
• Cancer
• Immune deficiency and aging
• Vascular diseases and inflammation

The relationship with the national science agenda of each of these medical needs is described for each medical need.

Research and Development

Sanquin’s Research division consists of nearly 300 investigators and technicians who are involved in fundamental, translational, clinical and applied research. Part of the research is financed from our own resources (as a margin from products and services); part is financed from external sources such as The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (ZonMW), health funds, charities and the European research programme H2020.

Sanquin collaborates with many research groups in the Netherlands and throughout the world. Senior investigators often have a dual appointment with one of the Dutch universities or university medical centres. Sixteen Sanquin investigators are also attached to these institutions as professors. This gives Sanquin’s research division an academic signature where education and continued education at the university level also takes place, besides education and continued education at the intermediate vocational (MBO and higher vocational educational (HBO) levels.

Medical need research agendas

Sanquin’s research is clustered around the five medical needs. The scientific agenda of each of these medical needs is described below - together with a listing of relevant papers and research groups involved - and provides an indication of their importance for healthcare, and how  Sanquin knowledge, products and services contribute to this.