Medical needs

  • Medical Needs and Sanquin Research Agenda

    The Dutch National Scientific Agenda, "Nationale Wetenschapsagenda", aims to stimulate cooperation, creativity and innovation by bringing together all players in the scientific arena in The Netherlands. With this in mind Sanquin prepared its own scientific agenda, linking our research program to the national agenda.

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  • Anemia

    Anemia is a common condition caused by a genetic condition or as a result of an immunological disease or treatment of a disorder. Blood transfusion also entails risks, such as that of immunisation, transfusion reactions and blood-borne diseases. Repeated blood transfusion causes iron overload and this may damage organs.

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  • Bleeding and hemostasis

    Blood contains platelets and a large number of proteins that ensure that blood remains liquid inside the bloodstream and coagulates outside the bloodstream (hemostasis). These components work constantly to adjust the equilibrium between the solid and liquid state of the blood, depending on the needs of the moment. Unfortunately that still can often go wrong.

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  • Cancer

    Even though significant progress has been made in the treatment of cancer over recent decades, mortality and morbidity are still high, and the prognosis for patients with certain forms of cancer has shown very little improvement. There is a great need for good alternatives for existing therapies.

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  • Immune deficiency and aging

    Some people with immune deficiencies have congenital defects that are important for the defense system to function optimally. These can be hereditary, but can also result from spontaneous genetic mutations. Certain pathogens, illnesses and therapeutic treatments can weaken or exhaust the body with respect to certain antibodies, causing the occurrence of immune deficiencies. It is becoming ever more clear that the immune system also becomes less effective as we become older.

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  • Vascular diseases and inflammation

    Inflammations play an important role in clearing invading micro-organisms or damaged tissue. An inflammatory reaction is a interaction of proteins with blood cells and cells of the vessel wall, the endothelial cells. These endothelial cells are activated as a result of the local inflammation mediators.This leads in most cases to an effective removal of the micro-organism, and recovery of the damaged tissue. However, inflammation reactions can also cause damage to the tissues.

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