Methodology of etiologic clinical transfusion research


Methodology of etiologic clinical transfusion research. In particular for the study of the effect of blood transfusions in hemato-oncology patients.
Developing new methodologies for etiologic research, based on causal reasoning, and implications of multi-causality of diseases for clinical research. Customization of existing methods for use on available big clinical data, to answer highly complex etiologic questions in clinical transfusion medicine.
Clinical outcomes after blood transfusion in hemato-oncology patients, focused mainly on bleeding and platelet transfusions, but also considering the potential impact of red cell transfusions. Applying all possible methodologies, including meta-analyses and simulation studies, but also case control and cohort studies and randomized trials. With a strong focus on etiological research of multi-causality of clinical outcomes (e.g. bleeding or mortality).

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