Robbert (R. M.) Spaapen PhD


Immunology and Hemato-oncology


Novel strategies for identification and therapeutic application of minor histocompatibility antigens
Promotor: Prof H Lokhorst PhD
Co-promotor: T Mutis PhD
University of Utrecht

Research interests

We study the effects of intracellular protein expression, secreted proteins and chemical compounds on antigen presentation and costimulation on several immune and cancer-related cell types. Understanding and subsequent manipulation of antigen presentation and costimulation may generate therapeutic options for a wide variety of diseases.

All my research and some of my scientific interests can be captured by the following terms:

  • Basic and translational immunology
  • Immunology-related cell biology
  • Translational haemato-oncology
  • Translational melanoma immunology
  • Oncology-related microbiology

Research group: Antigen presentation and immunotherapy



  • Cell culture
  • Viral transduction
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Molecular biology techniques
  • mRNA analyses
  • In vivo immune responses
  • In vivo tumorigenesis
  • Database analyses
  • Basic bioinformatics


2013-present Group leader at the Dept of Immunopathology of Sanquin Research
2010-2013 Post-doctoral scientist at the Dept of Cell Biology II of The Netherlands Cancer Institute
2009-2010 Post-doctoral scientist at the Dept of Pathology of the University of Chicago
2005-2009 Research PhD student at the Dept of Clinical Chemistry and Haematology of the University Medical Center Utrecht
2000-2005 MSc Fundamental Biomedical Sciences at the University of Utrecht
1998-2000 Propaedeutic degrees Biology, Physics and Astronomy, Chemistry at the University of Utrecht

Other publications

Spranger S*, Spaapen RM*, Zha Y, Williams J, Meng Y, Gajewski TF. Upregulation of PD-L1, IDO and Tregs in the melanoma tumor microenvironment is driven by CD8+ T cells. Sci Transl Med 2013; 5(200):200ra116.* These authors contributed equally to this work

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