Max (MLB) Grönloh


Cell Biology and Advanced Microscopy

Research interests

Leukocytes transmigrate through the endothelium during inflammation events. In transendothelial migration, the endothelial cells undergo all kinds of changes and are very dynamic. We know neutrophils prefer to transmigrate at certain ‘hotspots’ in the endothelium, my main interest is to use a wide range of microscopic techniques to determine what makes these hotspots so special and what their characteristics are.


  • Microscopic techniques (Photo-switchable fluorescent proteins, Super-resolution microscopy,  FRET sensors)
  • Biochemistry techniques
  • Cell biology techniques




PhD Student Sanquin Research and University of Amsterdam


Masterstudent intern at University of Turku, Finland. Johanna Ivaska group of Cell Adhesion and Cancer. Title: The Role of MyosinX in Integrin Activation at Filopodia Tips


Traineeship at University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Dorus Gadella group of Molecular Cytology. Title: A Multicolor reporter for multiplex imaging of signaling events downstream of the Calcium sensing Receptor


MCs degree in Cell Biology and Advanced Microscopy, University of Amsterdam