Epidemiology of transfusion medicine


This group is part of the Center for Clinical Transfusion Research. Their mission is to produce and distribute the best quality knowledge on the practice of transfusion medicine and by doing so to optimize the care for the individual patient that needs blood products or cell therapy.

Three lines of research are distinguished:

  • Bleeding & anemia: encompassing prevention, treatment and prediction of bleeding and anemia in various clinical situations, among others obstetric hemorrhage, cardiothoracic surgery, orthopedic surgery, hemato-oncology, critically ill patients and neonates; with special emphasis on the optimization of transfusion treatment strategies according to individual patient profiles;
  • Clinical cellular therapy: including efficacy and safety of emerging cellular therapies;
  • Side effect of transfusion: including red cell alloimmunisation, transfusion related acute lung injury, allergic reactions and storage effects.
  • Productivity and quality of our research is warranted by substantial emphasis on research methods of applied transfusion research and by solid collaborations with other transfusion medicine scientists and clinicians who are active throughout the transfusion chain establishing translational synergy between basic research and clinical practice.

Our research