Scientific Integrity Program

The CCTR Scientific Integrity Program’s primary goal is quality, integrity and reproducibility of all departmental scientific output. 
The program is aimed at the regulation and review of the critical phases of clinical research including; grant proposals before review by potential funders, main study protocols before submission to ethics committee, and for each individual type of article (Original, Methodological, Systematic review) both “Statistical Analysis Plan” (SAP) and the “full article” before submission for peer review. Data integrity is regulated through the processing of data requests only after SC approval of the SAP and by detailed documentation of all data manipulations and statistical testing in a syntax. Reproducibility is regulated by checking the syntax for reproducibility of reported results before submission for peer review and archive of the publication package after the publication has been accepted for publication. 

The program is supported by: 

  • Scientific committee, the committee is made up of eight CCTR staff members and two PhD students. Each PhD student spends at least 1 year as a member of the SC. Members are appointed by the CCTR manager. 
  • Access database, the so called CCTR-SIMS (Scientific Integrity Management System). Within SIMS each Grant proposal, main study protocol and article is allocated a unique CCTR project no., different phases and revisions of projects are identified by version numbers; e.g. an “analysis plan” for an original article is assigned version 01, the “full article” version 02 of the same CCTR Project no. If the “full article” requires major revision the revised version will be assigned the subsequent version no. 
  • Data-management: processing of data requests, checking syntaxes for reproducibility of reported results, checking that publication packages are complete before archive and minimalizing datasets for sharing purposes.
  • All Scientific work for which a member of the CCTR is 1st ,2nd , or senior author is required to participate in the program. 


The figure below shows a visual representation of the research integrity Program

Committee members 2019
Prof JG van der Bom MD PhD (Manager CCTR)
L van de Watering MD PhD (Chair)
C Caram-Deelder PhD
Prof. M de Haas MD PhD
Prof JJ Zwaginga MD PhD
S Kroes PhD student
J.A. Oud,  PhD student
S.J. Valk, PhD student

Past members
M Baysan M.D. PhD Student
LL Cornelissen MD PhD student
A Gillissen MD
Á Honohan MSc (Secretary)
F Kranenburg MD
R Middelburg PhD
N Saadah MD PhD
M van Kraaij MD PhD