Studies Center for Clinical Transfusion Research


MATER, Mortality After Transfusion of Ever-pregnant donor Red blood cells
Bite Study, Bleeding In Thrombocytopenia Explained
DRAIHA Study, Databank and Registry for AutoImmune Hemolytic Anemia
EPO Rh4 Study
INOX-ICU 2, Insuf­fi­cient Oxygen Supply in ICU patients II


ATTACH, Analysis of Thrombocyte Transfusion in Cardiothoracic surgery and Hematology
BloodMatch, The balance between patients’ need and supply of matched red cells.
DTD, Dutch Transfusion Data Warehouse (formerly PROTON II)
FROSTED, FResh frozen plasma, Omniplasma & SDP comparison of Trans­fu­sion reactions, Efficacy & DVT study
INFLAME, INFLAMmatory Injury of the Lung after Cardiac SurgEry
INOX-ICU, INsuf­fi­cient OXygen supply in ICU patients
MATISSE, MAnaging Trombocyte transfusion In a Special Subgroup: nEonates
MONET, Monitoring Outcome in NEonatal Thrombocytopenia
OPTIMAL, Optimize Transfusion Support in Hematological Malignancies
R-FACT, Risk factors for alloim­mu­niza­tion after red blood cell trans­fu­sions
Sex-mismatch, Sex-mismatched trans­fu­sions and recipient mortality
TeMpOH2, Trans­fu­sion strategies in women during Major Obstetric Hemorrhage


ABLE, Age of Blood Evaluation
FIBER, Fibrin Induced Blood Exposure Reduction
First, use of Fibrin Sealant in total knee replacement surgery trial
LISBOA, Leiden Implementation Study of Blood management in hip and knee Arthroplasties
LOTUS, LOng Term follow-Up after intra-uterine trans­fu­sionS
Match, Preventive extended red blood cell antigen MATCHing: when and how
PREPAReS, Pathogen Reduction Evaluation & Predictive Analytical Rating Score
TeMpOH, Trans­fu­sion strategies in women during Major Obstetric Hemorrhage
TOMaat, Transfusie Op Maat ( allogeneic red blood cell sparing alternatives)
WOMB, Trans­fu­sion require­ments after postpartum hemorrhage