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Dept Donor Medicine Research

Head: Prof Hans Zaaijer MD PhD
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Elisabeth Huis in 't Veld PhD - Donor Cognition

Mart Janssen PhD - Transfusion Technology Assessment

Prof Eva-Maria Merz PhD - Donor Behaviour

Katja van den Hurk PhD - Donor Health

Prof Hans Zaaijer MD PhD - Blood-borne Infections

Overview donor studies projects

Dept Hematopoiesis

Head: Marieke von Lindern PhD
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Derk Amsen PhD - Biology and therapeutic exploitation of T cells

Pleun Hombrink PhD - T cell Activation and Regulation

Micha Nethe PhD - Erythropoiesis in Healthy and Deregulated Hematopoiesis

Emile van den Akker PhD - Hematopoiesis

Klaas van Gisbergen PhD - Resident T cell memory

Carlijn Voermans PhD - Laboratory for Cell Therapy

Marieke von Lindern PhD - Control of erythropoiesis and megakaryopoiesis by environmental factors

Monika Wolkers PhD - T cell differentiation


Dept Experimental Immunohematology

Head: Prof Ellen van der Schoot MD PhD
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Prof Masja de Haas MD PhD - Translational Immunohematology

Prof Ellen van der Schoot MD PhD - Experimental Immunohematology

Prof Gestur Vidarsson PhD - Immunoglobulin Research


Dept Immunopathology

Head: Prof Marieke van Ham PhD
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Ilse Jongerius PhD - Complement Research

Theo Rispens PhD - Structure & function of antibodies

Prof Marieke van Ham PhD - Antigen specific B cell responses


Dept Molecular Hematology

Head: Prof Sander Meijer PhD
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Robin van Bruggen PhD - Blood Transfusion Technology

Prof Karin Fijnvandraat MD PhD - Pediatric Hematology

Prof Taco Kuijpers MD PhD / Prof Timo van den Berg PhD - Phagocyte Laboratory

Prof Sander Meijer PhD - Proteomics and biomolecular mass spectrometry of hemostatic processes

Prof Joost Meijers PhD - Molecular Hemostasis

Robin van Bruggen PhD - Red Cell Laboratory

Prof Jaap van Buul PhD - Molecular Cell Biology Lab

Maartje van den Biggelaar PhD - Plasma Proteins & Research Facilities

Prof Jan Voorberg PhD - Cellular Hemostasis


National Screening Laboratory Sanquin


Laboratory for Cellular Therapies

Head: Carlijn Voermans
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Cryobiology facilities

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