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Electronic tool

The guidelines on blood transfusion are clear with regard to identification of irregular antibodies. Patients known to have these must be screened again for newly formed antibodies before each transfusion. In case of a positive screening the presence of other clinical relevant antibodies must be excluded.

Features of PeliPIP software:

• Selects automatically the right exclusion panel
• Identification according to Fisher exact (p<0.05)
• Sending of composition sheets by e-mail

With an exclusion panel you can exclude PeliPIP software
underlying clinical relevant red cell antibodies in patients known with red cell antibodies. With PeliPIP software you select surely and swiftly the right exclusion panel from your cell panels.

So testing with a complete identification panel is not necessary. The program is also suitable for the identification of irregular antibodies.

Composition sheet

With every new Sanquin cell panel you can find the appropriate composition sheet of antigens on our website. The new composition sheet can be imported in the PeliPIP software very fast and simple. The composition sheet of the former cell panel will be over-written immediately. Also PeliPIP warns you when the expiry date of the cell panel is passed. View sheets

Composition of the exclusion panel (D-negative panel)

You enter the known antibodies of the patient into the program . Then PeliPIP composes the exclusion panel from the available cell panels. If the reactions are negative there are no new antibodies formed, so there is no need for full identification with an identification panel.

Identification panel

After the input of the panel results PeliPIP calculates which antibodies can be excluded and identifies the antibody(ies). The probability that the results of an antibody identification is purely coincidence is calculated according the Fisher exact method.
Stand alone or integrated?

You can use the program stand-alone, or connect it to the computer system of your hospital. PeliPIP combines directly the panel results and patient data. Results can be printed in different standard letters. You can change the texture of these letters as well as the texture of the technical information.