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Off-list products

Products under development

Sanquin Reagents offers materials from research that are not in a product stage yet, and can be of interest for researchers and companies.


In addition to the regular product portfolio of division Reagents, we offer a broad range of products, originating from our Research Division.

These products are in early development stage or development has been halted and as such those products have limited literature support and scientific back-up.

Sanquin understands the importance of the availability of these products to the (international) scientific community and hereby offers the opportunity to order from our range of Off-list Products, also known as White Label products.

The off-list products list

Amongst the 35 products on this list, some are very interesting, like the anti-propeptide vWF and the anti-TFPI.

Download the complete product list (pdf).


Please note that, contrary to the regular product portfolio, the ‘Off-list products’ have some limitations. Please read the Terms and Conditions for Use before ordering the products and keep the following in mind:

  • Delivery times may be longer for a number of ‘Off-list products’. Please inform before you place an order.

  • Prices are dependent on quantities ordered.

  • The Quality Assurance system (ISO 9001, ISO13485) does not apply to 'Off-list Products'.

  • There is no guarantee for the performance of 'Off-list products’ in specific applications.