Magister C24

With Magister C24 we challenge the status quo. Magister C24 is the first fully automated blood group analyzer specifically designed for laboratories with low throughput.

We strongly believe this can help these labs forward as this allows them to work to the same high level of efficiency, quality and safety as labs with higher throughput. The design of Magister C24 ensures a cost-efficient, safe and fast work flow that is needed to continuously and quickly deliver accurate results to the clinic, which is necessary for optimal patient care.







Technical specifications

  • Easy to use due to its touch-screen monitor, clear software structure
  • Continuous loading of samples and reagents in combination with processing of the workload in random access makes your daily routine very efficient
  • The possibility to create your own protocols helps you find the solution that fits best to your unique situation
  • Bi-directional communication with LIS to report your results to the clinic fast and accurate
  • Keep track of every action with the full tracebility
  • Key features of Cellbind gel cards
  • One Cellbind gel card for all tests
  • Flexible system adaptable to your needs
  • Clear results with easy interpretation
  • Excellent diagnostic value
  • Cost-efficient
  • 2 Probes to give you the results faster
  • 24 Gel cards storage capacity for all types of Cellbind gel cards
  • 12 Cellbind gel cards per run
  • High resolution gel card reader for real life pictures
  • Multiple barcode checks throughout the process to ensure accurate results
  • Can hold 32 samples of different tube sizes
  • 20 positions for the reagent of your choice, red cells stirrer


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