Sanquin’s RID (Radial Immunodiffusion or Mancini) kit is widely used, easy to perform and the most robust test on the market. Product number of the kit is M1557, 510(k) number: 943205.


Sheep derived anti-human IgG subclass antisera are made specific by absorption with isolated paraproteins of the unwanted IgG subclasses.
The polyclonal, monospecific antisera used in the human IgG subclass RID plates yield sharp, single precipitation rings, specific for each subclass.
The diameters of the clearly visible immuno precipitation rings are measured after at least 64 hours. The concentrations are determined by means of either the reference curves or the included RID reference table.

RID kit content

Single plates to measure the four human subclass in 19 tests (when using the calibration curves) or 22 tests (when using the tabular method):

  • Four ready-to-use RID plates
  • Standard and control sera
  • Dilution buffer
  • RID reference table