Start to test SMART

Do-it-yourself testing or use Sanquin's test service

To improve patient's quality of life, you should start to test SMART. SMART testing enables personalized medicine: Specific Measurement for Accurate and cost-Reducing Treatment.

In fact this means cost-effective fine-tuning of drug dosage or an early switch to other therapeutics. Sanquin performs drug level testing as a service and sells kits to measure drug levels or to determine ADA in your own lab, depending on your needs. If you have a few samples that need to be tested, it is more convienient to send the samples to our service lab. If you have multiple request in any given week, it would be more efficient to order our kits and perform the tests in your own laboratory.

Sanquin offers kits and services to measure biologic drug levels in patient samplesIf you would like to send in serum for biologic level testing and/or immunogenicity testing, please complete this request form and send the form along with your sample(s) to the address depicted on the request form.

If you would like to order a kit, please contact us.

Moreover, our standard assay format allows for quick development of new tests. Please contact us if you are interested in a test that is not currently offered.