Recenlty, the new brandname for our kits is introduced: MabTrack

Brand name

From now on, our kits for biologics have their own brand name: MabTrack. This makes it easier for customers to find information regarding our products. The current name will remain, only an extra shared brand name is added. The changes are shown in the table below.

Product number

Previous name

New name


Level adalimumab

MabTrack level adalimumab


Level infliximab

MabTrack level infliximab


ADA adalimumab

MabTrack ADA adalimumab


ADA infliximab

MabTrack ADA infliximab

Updates IFU

Recently, adaptations in the IFU made it possible for customers to interchange the HPE, TMB, stop and wash buffer between the MabTrack kits. We also opened the possibility for the customer to perform single runs for samples instead of mandatory duplo testing. Furthermore, we adapted the precautions conform the format of the upcoming IVDR regulations, we improved the explanation for the washing procedure, the calculation method, and we changed the volume of the stop solution from 13.5 mL to 13.0 mL. Finally, every now and then the concentrated buffer crystalizes, we therefore recommend customers to warm the buffer briefly to 37°C to dissolve the crystals. The updated IFU can be downloaded here.