Service testing

Sanquin has developed tests to determine levels of biologics and antibodies directed against biologics.
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Human anti-chimeric antibodies (HACA) and human anti-human antibodies (HAHA) are quantified using validated antigen-binding tests (RIA), while levels of therapeutic antibodies are assessed using validated ELISAs, both on a routine base.

Serum samples should be collected just prior to administration of the following drug dose, to prevent complex-formation of biological and antibody, which could lead to false-negative results. 

If you would like to send in serum for Biologicals level testing and/or immunogenicity testing, please complete this request form and send the form along with your sample(s) to the address depicted on the request form.

Moreover, our standard assay format allows for quick development of new tests. Please contact us if you are interested in a test that is not currently offered.