Tjark Tjin-A-Tsoi steps down from Sanquin

Tjark Tjin-A-Tsoi will relinquish his positions at Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation on June 1st, 2022.

Today, the Council of Ministers has decided to nominate Tjark Tjin-A-Tsoi for appointment by Royal Decree as Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO of TNO, effective June 1st, 2022. Tjark Tjin-A-Tsoi will then relinquish his positions at Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation. Sanquin will see a committed and driven CEO leave the organisation.

Under Tjin-A-Tsoi, Sanquin strengthened its innovative capacity based on its own indispensable role in patient care and on an international scientific level. In addition, a suitable investor was found for Sanquin Plasma Products, efficiency has been increased and the governing and financial basis of the organization is strengthened. Finally, the organization closely analyzed its own potential and, from there on, formulated an ambitious new strategy. 

Huibert Pols, chairman of the Supervisory Board of Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation, is enthusiastic about the results. “Under the day-to-day leadership of Tjark Tjin-A-Tsoi, the organization has been strengthened within two years. He has made his mark. We are grateful to him for his efforts and wish him every success in his next challenge.” 

Tjin-A-Tsoi is optimistic about the future of Sanquin: “We have achieved a great deal together, and -due to the pandemic- under difficult circumstances. To me, it has been wonderful working to that end with the passionate colleagues at Sanquin. I’m leaving this organization to a promising future, of that I’m certain.”

Tjin-A-Tsoi continues his role as CEO of Sanquin until May 31, 2022. Upon his departure, he will also resign from his role as member of the Supervisory Board of Sanquin Health Solutions (SHS). The Supervisory Board is deliberating his succession.